Quality Policy

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.’

Established in the year 1890, we have come a long way by providing quality products and in return have gained clients respect in every project we have completed.

We at Naran Lala do turnkey Design & Supply of plants, Fabrication, Manufacture Equipments, Engineering Services, Site Installation and Maintenance to clients across a diverse range of industries.  Through our in-depth management knowledge and highly skilled workforce we have positioned ourselves as a leading quality supplier, providing quality products and a professional service that meets as an industry standards and the requirements of our clients.

In support of this we have a dedicated team of precision engineers, welders, qualified weld procedure specifications, and an impressive client list based on repeat business.  We are committed to continual improvement by training our people now and for the future, improving our processes and procedures to be more efficient in what we do, with the ultimate goal of improving our service to our customers.