Manufacture of From Acetaldehyde

Manufacture of From Acetaldehyde

Acetaldehyde is converted to by liquid phase catalytic oxidation at a relatively low temperature around 55° C and at a pressure of 4.0 Kgs./cm2g. The reaction can be represented by the following equation.

50 – 60° C

CH3CHO + 1/2 02———————— >CH3COOH + Heat

Mn Acetate

The oxygen for the reaction is supplied by atmospheric air. The heat of reaction is removed by cooling water. The vent gases mainly consisting of Nitrogen are first scrubbed with crude and then washed

with water to remove any traces of  carried by vent gases. The over flow from the reactor is sent to a stripping column where unconverted acetaldehyde is recovered. The stripped crude acid along with liquid from wash column is sent to a distillation column to get pure from the bottom.

BASIS 1000 kgs

 Acetaldehyde as 100 %  810 Kgs
 Saturated Steam 8 kg/cm2  2000 Kgs.
 Cooling Water (Circulation)  15.0 M3/hr at 30° C
 Electric Power (Battery Limits)  200 KWH
 Process Water  0.15 M3


Manganese Acetate 50 gms
Potassium Permanganate  2 gms.

Applications for the manufacture of the following :