Many successful businesses do much more than just make money for themselves; they often play a vital role in society at large, using their resources to solve various societal problems or to support disadvantaged communities and empower individuals to develop essential skills needed for employment and leadership. This is known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and we at Naran Lala believe in CSR activity where the key to making long-lasting and meaningful change is to create access to high-quality education.

Within India there are many obstacles a student can face on their journey, both in terms of financial support and access to resources and a supportive environment for learning. We have made it our primary mission to ensure that this will no longer be an issue, particularly for students within the locality of South Gujarat where we are based.



It was the lifelong dream of our company’s visionary director, Shri Mohanlal Harkishandas Kansara, to establish an Education Trust, a dream that sadly was not realized during his lifetime, but was finally brought to fruition by the present directors, his three sons: Shri Bharat Kansara, Shri Mahesh Kansara and Shri Vijay Kansara.

What is probably unique in a company of this size is the deep personal commitment that each director has made to this mission as a truly heartfelt tribute to their father, dedicating much of their own time and energy in overseeing its development and ensuring adherence to the core values.


Established in 1993, the key objectives of the Shri Mohanlal Harkishandas Kansara Kelavani Trust include:

  • Distribution of notebooks, textbooks, other study materials and resources to needy students during their studies
  • Access to interest free study loans to eligible students
  • Provision of financial assistance to disadvantaged students within higher education


1992– Shri Mohanlal Harkishandas Kansara Kelavani Trust, Navsari was established

1995 – First diploma courses in Business Management and

Marketing Management are held (within business premises).

1998 – Inauguration of Naran Lala College

2008– School established



From our beginnings as the first self-financed college in South Gujarat to the present day as one of the foremost institutes of its kind within India, Naran Lala College and School is growing from strength to strength; fulfilling the dream of offering high quality education to over three thousand students yearly.

With an ever-growing range of academic and vocational courses at all levels, the education programs we provide in the fields of Business, Informational Technology and Science are designed to fully qualify our students with all the essential skills they need to gain employment, start a business of their own, or become the innovators of tomorrow.