Highly Critical Equipment Manufacturing

Absorber Tower 2 for Formaldehyde Plant. Size: 3300mm diameter, 21 meter long, weighting approx. 35 tons.
Dispatched as single piece.

High Pressure Equipment’s such as Autoclaves, High pressured Storage Tanks, Cryogenic Vessels & others type of highly critical equipment we manufacture as per our customer requirement

PROCESS MACHINERY (ROTATING Types) like Mixing Systems / Skid Mounted Assembly, Agitator Assembly, Rotary Vacuum Dryer (RVD), Rotary Ball Digester, etc.

Absorber Tower 1 for Formaldehyde Plant. Size – 2700 mm diameter and 19-meter long. Dispatched as single piece.

Ketene Coil for Acetic Anhydride Plant

Acetaldehyde Reactor (India’s Single Largest)